Date of Award

Spring 5-7-2019

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in School Leadership


Center for Leadership & Learning


College of Education

Committee Chair

Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim

Second Committee Member

Dr. John A. Freeman

Third Committee Member

Dr. Steve Weber

Program Director

Dr. John A. Freeman

Dean of Graduate College

Dr. Jeff Robertson


The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of one-to-one technology use on students and faculty compared to traditional use of technology. The researcher employed a quantitative study that utilized a quasi-experimental design to investigate the technology effect using survey instruments. Participants included in this study were from schools located in Northwest Arkansas. There were approximately 2,640 students across seven middle schools as well as 63 staff members in the same schools. The results of this study found that while the I3 schools did perform better than their counterparts, the differences were not statistically significant. However, the faculty predominantly supported the use of technology and indicated that technology is beneficial for student learning, instruction, and education overall. The study also found that there was common perception between faculty that the use of technology is needed for students to be not only able to perform tasks in classrooms but also necessary to compete in a changing workforce. Further, the result indicated that out of several independent variables, the only variable found to be a significant predictor of students’ proficient ACT Aspire test scores in all subjects was their grade level. Additionally, the results of this study found that there was a strong, positive correlation between teachers’ use of technology and their perceptions regarding students’ learning. Finally, these results of this study found that students' scores in all subjects were different based on their cohort more than the method of technology use. The scientific implications of these findings in the light of the literature review are also discussed.