This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship and creative works from the Department of Behavioral Sciences at Arkansas Tech University.

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Books from 2022

The 53: Rituals, Grief, and a Titan II Missile Disaster, Jason S. Ulsperger

Books from 2021

Seeing Like a Commons: Eighty Years of Intentional Community Building and Commons Stewardship in Celo, North Carolina, Joshua Lockyer

Submissions from 2020

The impact of leaving a voicemail, environment familiarity, and pedestrian predictability on driving behavior, Melissa R. Beck, Rebecca R. Goldstein, Katherine C. Moen, Alex S. Cohen, and Brian Wolshon

The Culture of White Space: On The Racialized Production of Meaning, David L. Brunsma, Nathaniel G. Chapman, Joong Won Kim, J. Slade Lellock, Megan Underhill, Erik T. Withers, and Jennifer Padilla Wyse

Careful what you say to yourself: Exploring self-talk and youth tennis performance via hierarchical linear modeling, Jordan Thibodeaux and Adam Winsler

Prostitutes in Nineteenth-Century United States and Canada, Jason S. Ulsperger

Books from 2019

From the Appalachian Mountains to the Puget Sound and Beyond: Distilling Authenticity In Modern Moonshine, Kaitland M. Byrd, J. Slade Lellock, and Nathaniel G. Chapman


The Culture of White Space, the Radicalized Production of Meaning, and the Jamband Scene, Nathaniel G. Chapman, J. Slade Lellock, and Joong Won Kim

About Us: Authenticating Identity Claims in the Craft Beer Industry, Amanda Koontz and Nathaniel G. Chapman

Singing to the self: Children's private speech, private song, and executive functioning, Jordan Thibodeaux, Allison Bock, Lindsey A. Hutchison, and Adam Winsler

Submissions from 2018

Attending globally or locally: Incidental learning of optimal visual attention allocation, Melissa R. Beck, Rebecca R. Goldstein, Amanda E. van Lamsweerde, and Justin M. Ericson


Introduction to Special Section: Race and Electronic Dance Music, David L. Brunsma, Nathaniel G. Chapman, and J. Slade Lellock

Bottling Gender: Accomplishing Gender Through Craft Beer Consumption, Nathaniel G. Chapman, Megan Nanney, J. Slade Lellock, and Julie Mikles-Schluterman

Visual search with varying versus consistent attentional templates: Effects on target template establishment, comparison, and guidance, Rebecca R. Goldstein and Melissa R. Beck

Zebrafish models of autism spectrum disorder, Daria A. Meshalkina, Marina N. Kizlyk, Elana V. Kysil, Adam D. Collier, David J. Echevarria, Murilo S. Abreu, Leonardo J.G. Barcellos, Cai Song, Jason E. Warnick, Evan J. Kyzar, and Allan V. Kalueff

The Hawaiian Sovereignty movement and U.S. policy: Framing consequences of changing policy, James E. Stobaugh and Sean Huss

What do youth tennis athletes say to themselves? Observed and self-reported self-talk on the court, Jordan Thibodeaux and Adam Winsler

Books from 2017

Untapped: Exploring the Cultural Dimensions of Craft Beer, Nathaniel G. Chapman, J. Slade Lellock, and Cameron D. Lippard

Zebrafish models in neuropsychopharmacology and CNS drug discovery, Kanza M. Khan, Adam D. Collier, Darya A. Meshalkina, Elana V. Kysil, Sergey L. Khatsko, Tatyana Kolesnikova, Yury Yu Morzherin, Jason E. Warnick, Allan V. Kalueff, and David J. Echevarria

An Active-Learning Approach to Fostering Understanding of Research Methods in Large Classes, Jennifer LaCosse, Sarah E. Ainsworth, Melissa A. Shepherd, Michael Ent, Kelly M. Klein, Lauren A. Holland-Carter, Justin H. Moss, Mark Licht, and Barbara Licht


Community, commons, and degrowth at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage, Joshua Lockyer

Adult zebrafish in CNS disease modeling: A tank that's half-full, not half-empty, and still filling, Darya A. Meshalkina, Elana V. Kysil, Jason E. Warnick, Konstantin A. Demin, and Allan V. Kalueff

First-Year College Students’ Time Use: Relations With Self-Regulation and GPA, Jordan Thibodeaux, Aaron Deutsch, Anastasia Kitsantas, and Adam Winsler

Books from 2016

Promoting Whiteness: Racial Ideology in Electronic Dance Music Promotional Videos, David L. Brunsma, Nathaniel G. Chapman, and J. Slade Lellock

Inattentional blindness: A combination of a relational set and a feature inhibition set?, Rebecca R. Goldstein and Melissa R. Beck

Biased Sex Ratios Influence Fundamental Aspects of Human Mating, Justin H. Moss and Jon K. Maner

Submissions from 2015

The failure of anxiolytic therapies in early clinical trials: What needs to be done, Adam Michael Stewart, Michael Nguyen, Manoj K. Poudel, Jason E. Warnick, David J. Echevarria, Elliott A. Beaton, Cai Song, and Allan V. Kalueff


Senior companion program volunteers: Exploring experiences, transformative rituals, and recruitment/retention issues, Jason S. Ulsperger, Jericho McElroy, Haley Robertson, and Kristen Ulsperger


Applying anthropology to what? Tactical/ethical decisions in an age of global neoliberal imperialism, James R. Veteto and Joshua Lockyer

Submissions from 2014

The clock is ticking: the sound of a ticking clock speeds up women's attitudes on reproductive timing, Justin H. Moss and Jon K. Maner

Submissions from 2012

Political reform and the historical trajectories of u.s. social movements in the twentieth century, Edwin Amenta, Neal Caren, and James E. Stobaugh

Searching in clutter: Visual attention strategies of expert Pilots, Melissa R. Beck, Michael Trenchard, Amanda Van Lamsweerde, Rebecca R. Goldstein, and Maura Lohrenz


Disrupting perceptual grouping of face parts impairs holistic face processing, Kim M. Curby, Rebecca R. Goldstein, and Kara Blacker

Motivated social categorization: Fundamental motives enhance people's sensitivity to basic social categories, Jon K. Maner, Saul L. Miller, Justin H. Moss, Jennifer L. Leo, and E. Ashby Plant

Submissions from 2011

Assessing the maximum predictive validity for neuropharmacological anxiety screening assays using zebrafish, Amanda Linker, Adam Stewart, Siddharth Gaikwad, Jonathan M. Cachat, Marco F. Elegante, Allan V. Kalueff, and Jason E. Warnick

Domain Interplay in Mice And Men: New Possibilities for the "Natural Kinds" Theory of Emotion, Jason E. Warnick, Justin L. LaPorte, and Allan V. Kalueff

Submissions from 2010

A team field study of the appeal of megachurches: Identifying, framing, and solving personal issues, David A. Snow, James A. Bany, Michelle Peria, and James E. Stobaugh

Pirates on the plank: Neutralization theory and the criminal downloading of music among generation Y in the era of late modernity, Jason S. Ulsperger, Stan H. Hodges, and John Paul

Submissions from 2009

All the movements fit to print: Who, what, when, where, and why SMO families appeared in the New York Times in the twentieth century, Edwin Amenta, Neal Caren, Sheera Joy Olasky, and James E. Stobaugh

Antidepressant Efficacy Screening of Novel Targets in the Chick Anxiety-Depression Model, Kenneth J. Sufka, Jason E. Warnick, Cassan N. Pulaski, Stephen R. Slauson, Young B. Kim, and John M. Rimoldi

Using literary ethnography as a form of qualitative document synthesis to explore the maltreatment of vulnerable populations: An examination of verbal neglect and abuse in nursing homes, Jason S. Ulsperger

Specification of Variables Predictive of Victories in the Sport of Boxing: II. Further Characterization of Previous Success, Jason E. Warnick and Kyla Warnick

Modelling the Anxiety-Depression Continuum in Chicks, J. E. Warnick, C. J. Huang, E. O. Acevedo, and K. J. Sufka

Submissions from 2008

Sex Differences in Working Memory, Ashley Harness, Lorri Jacot, Shauna Scherf, Adam White, and Jason E. Warnick

The social dynamics of elder care: Rituals of bureaucracy and physical neglect in nursing homes, Jason S. Ulsperger and J. David Knottnerus

Submissions from 2007

Cortical edema in moderate fluid percussion brain injury is attenuated by vagus nerve stimulation, R. W. Clough, S. L. Neese, L. K. Sherill, A. A. Tan, A. Duke, R. W. Roosevelt, R. A. Browning, and D. C. Smith

Vagus nerve stimulation may protect GABAergic neurons following traumatic brain injury in rats: An immunocytochemical study, Steven L. Neese, Luke K. Sherill, Arlene A. Tan, Rodney W. Roosevelt, Ronald A. Browning, Douglas C. Smith, Andrea Duke, and Rich W. Clough

Long-term care workers and bureaucracy: The occupational ritualization of maltreatment in nursing homes and recommended policies, Jason S. Ulsperger and J. David Knottnerus

Propranolol and its potential inhibition of positive post-traumatic growth, Jason E. Warnick

Specification of Variables Predictive of Victories in the Sport of Boxing, Jason E. Warnick and Kyla Warnick

Submissions from 2006

Exposing Enron: Media representations of ritualized deviance in corporate culture, J. David Knottnerus, Jason S. Ulsperger, Summer Cummins, and Elaina Osteen

Antinociceptive profile of salvinorin A, a structurally unique kappa opioid receptor agonist, Christopher R. McCurdy, Kenneth J. Sufka, Grant H. Smith, Jason E. Warnick, and Marcelo J. Nieto

Increased extracellular concentrations of norepinephrine in cortex and hippocampus following vagus nerve stimulation in the rat, Rodney W. Roosevelt, Douglas C. Smith, Richard W. Clough, Robert A. Jensen, and Ronald A. Browning

Modeling the anxiety-depression continuum hypothesis in domestic fowl chicks, Kenneth J. Sufka, Matthew W. Feltenstein, Jason E. Warnick, Edmund O. Acevedo, Heather E. Webb, and Courtney M. Cartwright

Modeling anxiety-like states: Pharmacological characterization of the chick separation stress paradigm, Jason E. Warnick, Robert T. Wicks, and Kenneth J. Sufka

Submissions from 2005

Electrical stimulation of the vagus nerve enhances cognitive and motor recovery following moderate fluid percussion injury in the rat, Douglas C. Smith, Arlene A. Modglin, Rodney W. Roosevelt, Steven L. Neese, Robert A. Jensen, Ronald A. Browning, and Richard W. Clough

Opioid receptor function in social attachment in young domestic fowl, Jason E. Warnick, Christopher R. McCurdy, and Kenneth J. Sufka

Submissions from 2004

High-performance liquid chromatographic determination of xanthohumol in rat plasma, urine, and fecal samples, Bharathi Avula, Markus Ganzera, Jason E. Warnick, Matthew W. Feltenstein, Kenneth J. Sufka, and Ikhlas A. Khan

The chick separation stress paradigm: A validation study, Matt W. Feltenstein, Jason E. Warnick, Amanda N. Guth, and Kenneth J. Sufka

Anti-inflammatory and anti-hyperalgesic effects of sesquiterpene lactones from Magnolia and Bear's foot, M. W. Feltenstein, W. Schühly, J. E. Warnick, N. H. Fischer, and K. J. Sufka

Submissions from 2003

Corticosterone response in the chick separation-stress paradigm, Matthew W. Feltenstein, L. Corinne Lambdin, Heather E. Webb, Jason E. Warnick, Shabana I. Khan, Ikhlas A. Khan, Edmund O. Acevedo, and Kenneth J. Sufka

Practice and incentive motivation in recognition of inverted faces, Steven J. Haggbloom and Jason E. Warnick

Submissions from 2002

The 100 Most Eminent Psychologists of the 20th Century, Steven J. Haggbloom, Renee Warnick, Jason E. Warnick, Vinessa K. Jones, Gary L. Yarbrough, Tenea M. Russell, Chris M. Borecky, Reagan McGahhey, John L. Powell, Jamie Beavers, and Emmanuelle Monte

Geezers, greed, grief, and grammar: Frame transformation in the nursing home reform movement, Jason S. Ulsperger

Submissions from 1998

Consistency of performance on eyedness tasks, David M. Osburn and M. James Klingsporn

Attitude heritability, attitude change and physiological responsivity, Abraham Tesser, Dan Whitaker, Leonard Martin, and David Ward

Submissions from 1993

Mood as Input: People Have to Interpret the Motivational Implications of Their Moods, Leonard L. Martin, David W. Ward, John W. Achee, and Robert S. Wyer

Submissions from 1992

Probing the Big Five in Adolescence: Personality and Adjustment during a Developmental Transition, William G. Grazlano and David Ward