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Submissions from 2022

Movement and Home Range of the Sickle Darter (Percina williamsi) in the Upper Emory River of Tennessee, USA, Kyler B. Hecke and J. Brian Alford


DNA Ligase IV Mutations Confer Shorter Lifespan and Increased Sensitivity to Nutrient Stress in Drosophila melanogaster, Rashmi Joshi, Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Jennifer Curtiss, and Amanda K. Ashley

Submissions from 2021


iPLA2-VIA is Required for Healthy Aging of Neurons, Muscle, and the Female Germline in Drosophila melanogaster, Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Adina Schonbrun, Sogol Eizadshenass, Shimshon Benji, Yaakov Tzvi Cantor, Liam Eliach, Matthew Lubin, Zev Narrowe, Jeremy Purow, Benjamin Shulman, Leib Wiener, and Josefa Steinhauer


The Drosophila melanogaster Neprilysin Nepl15 is Involved in Lipid and Carbohydrate Storage, Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Christine Woods, Micheal Burnett, Scarlet J. Park, William W. Ja, and Jennifer Curtiss

Wildfire Affects Expression of Male Sexual Plumage Through Suppressed Testosterone Circulation in a Tropical Songbird, Jordan Boersma, Douglas G. Barron, Daniel T. Baldassarre, Michael S. Webster, and Hubert Schwabl


Reduced Toxicity of Centruroides vittatus (Say, 1821) May Result from Lowered Sodium β Toxin Gene Expression and Toxin Protein Production, Aimee Bowman, Chloe Fitzgerald, Jeff F. Pummill, Douglas D. Rhoads, and Tsunemi Yamashita

A Primer for Transitioning to Online Science Labs: “Identifying Potential Types of Guidance for Supporting Student Inquiry when Using Virtual and Remote Labs in Science”, Suparna Chatterjee

Spatiotemporal Assessment of Sickle Darter (Percina williamsi Page and Near, 2007) Distribution in the Upper Tennessee River Basin, Kyler B. Hecke and J. Brian Alford

Sea-Level Rise and the Persistence of Tree Islands in Coastal Landscapes, Michael S. Ross, Susana L. Stoffella, Rosario Vidales, John F. Meeder, David C. Kadko, Leonard J. Scinto, Suresh C. Subedi, and Jed R. Redwine

Trillium govanianum (Himalayan Trillium): Production, Distribution, Use and Conservation in Nepal, Santosh Thapa, Ripu Mardhan Kunwar, Binaya Adhikari, Hem Raj Paudel, and Suresh C. Subedi

Submissions from 2020


Using drosophila melanogaster to discover human disease genes: An educational primer for use with "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis modifiers in drosophila reveal the phospholipase d pathway as a potential therapeutic target", Surya Jyoti Banerjee, Shimshon Benji, Sarah Liberow, and Josefa Steinhauer

Environmental and Fish Assemblage Contrasts in Blackwater and Clearwater Streams, Susan A. R. Colvin, B. S. Helms, D. R. DeVries, and J. W. Feminella

Occupancy and Status of the Strawberry Darter in the Strawberry River Drainage of Arkansas, USA, Kyler B. Hecke and Steve E. Lochmann


Gymnosperm Species Richness Patterns Along the Elevational Gradient and its Comparison with Other Plant Taxonomic Groups in the Himalayas, Suresh C. Subedi, Khem Raj Bhattarai, Timothy M. Perez, and Jay P. Sah

Using Carbon Isotope Ratios to Verify Predictions of a Model Simulating the Interaction Between Coastal Plant Communities and Their Effect on Ground Water Salinity, Suresh C. Subedi, Leonel Sternberg, Donald L. DeAngelis, Michael S. Ross, and Danielle E. Ogurcak

Submissions from 2019

Headwater Streams and Wetlands are Critical for Sustaining Fish, Fisheries, and Ecosystem Services, Susan A. R. Colvin, S. Mažeika P. Sullivan, Patrick D. Shirey, Randall W. Colvin, Kirk O. Winemiller, Robert M. Hughes, Kurt D. Fausch, Dana M. Infante, Julian D. Olden, Kevin R. Bestgen, Robert J. Danehy, and Lisa Eby

High-Density Linkage Maps and Loci for Berry Color and Flower Sex in Muscadine Grape (Vitis rotundifolia), Jennifer Lewter, Margaret L. Worthington, John R. Clark, Aruna V. Varanasi, Lacy Nelson, Christopher L. Owens, Patrick Conner, and Gunawati Gunawan


Evidence for trait-based community assembly patterns in hardwood hammock forests, Suresh C. Subedi, J. Aaron Hogan, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, and Christopher Baraloto


Trait-based community assembly pattern along a forest succession gradient in a seasonally dry tropical forest, Suresh C. Subedi, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, Jed Redwine, and Christopher Baraloto


Genome Analyses of a New Mycoplasma Species from the Scorpion Centruroides vittatus, Tsunemi Yamashita, Douglas D. Rhoads, and Jeff F. Pummill

Submissions from 2018

Length, Body Depth, and Gape Relationships and Inference on Piscivory among Common North American Centrarchids, Anthony Fernando, Kyler B. Hecke, and Michael A. Eggleton


New Applications of Radio Frequency Identification Stations for Monitoring Fish Passage through Headwater Road Crossings and Natural Reaches, Ian R. MacLeod and Charles J. Gagen

Simulated Viral Infection in Early-life Alters Brain Morphology, Activity and Behavior in Zebra Finches (Taeniopygia guttata), Ahmet Kerim Uysal, Lynn B. Martin, Nathan D. Burkett-Cadena, Douglas G. Barron, and Toru Shimizu

Submissions from 2017


Development and Characterization of Molecular Markers Associated with Female Plants in Muscadine Grape, Patrick Conner, Joann Conner, Paige Catotti, Jennifer Lewter, John R. Clark, and Luiz A. Biasi

Reduced Gene Flow in Two Common Headwater Fishes in the Ouachita Mountains: A Response to Stream Drying and In-steam Barriers, Kevin L. Schanke, Tsunemi Yamashita, and Charles J. Gagen


The Complete Mitochondrial Genome of the Scorpion Centruroides vittatus (Arachnida: Scorpiones), Tsunemi Yamashita, Douglas Rhoads, and Jeff F. Pummill

Submissions from 2016

Common Denominators of Swainson's Warbler Breeding Habitat in Bottomland Hardwood Forest in the White River Watershed in Southeastern Arkansas, Garu R. Graves and Bruce L. Tedford

Testosterone Activates Sexual Dimorphism Including Male-Typical Carotenoid but not Melanin Plumage Pigmentation in a Female Bird, Willow R. Lindsay, Douglas G. Barron, Michael S. Webster, and Hubert Schwabl


Subtle Benefits of Cooperation to Breeding Males of the Red-backed Fairywren, Ahva L. Potticary, Jenélle L. Dowling, Douglas G. Barron, Daniel T. Baldassarre, and Michael S. Webster


Inferring Implications of Climate Change in South Florida Hardwood Hammocks Through Analysis of Metacommunity Structure, Michael S. Ross, Jay P. Sah, Pablo L. Ruiz, Adam A. Spitzig, and Suresh C. Subedi

Submissions from 2015

Behavioral Competence: How Host Behaviors Can Interact to Influence Parasite Transmission Risk, Douglas G. Barron, S. S. Gervasi, J. N. Pruitt, and L. B. Martin

Do Androgens Link Morphology and Behaviour to Produce Phenotype-specific Behavioural Strategies?, Douglas G. Barron, Michael S. Webster, and Hubert Schwabl

Distribution Pattern of Vascular Plant Species of Mountains in Nepal and Their Fate Against Global Warming, Suresh C. Subedi, Khem Raj Bhattarai, and Ram Prasad Chauudhary

Submissions from 2014

Biodiversity and Invasibility: Distribution Patterns of Invasive Plant Species in the Himalayas, Nepal, Khem Raj Bhattarai, Inger Elisabeth Måren, and Suresh C. Subedi


Endocrine Correlates of Mate Choice and Promiscuity in Females of a Socially Monogamous Avian Mating System with Alternative Male Reproductive Phenotypes, Hubert Schwabi, Willow R. Lindsay, Douglas G. Barron, and Michael S. Webster

Submissions from 2013


A Test of Radio-transmitter Effects on Parental Investment and Productivity in the Northern Cardinal, Douglas G. Barron, Patrick J. Weatherhead, and Jeffrey D. Brawn

Body Condition Influences Sexual Signal Expression Independent of Circulating Androgens in Male Red-backed Fairy-wrens, Douglas G. Barron, Michael S. Webster, and Hubert Schwabl


Species Delimitation and Morphological Divergence in the Scorpion Centruroides vittatus (Say, 1821): Insights from Phylogeography, Tsunemi Yamashita and Douglas D. Rhoads

Submissions from 2012

Effects of Military Activity on Breeding Birds, Douglas G. Barron, Jeffrey D. Brawn, Luke K. Butler, L. Michael Romero, and Patrick J. Weatherhead

Snake Behavior and Seasonal Variation in Nest Survival of Northern Cardinals Cardinalis cardinalis, Jinelle H. Sperry, Douglas G. Barron, and Patrick J. Weatherhead

Nutrient limitation in Two Everglades Tree Species Planted on Constructed Tree Islands, Suresh C. Subedi, Michael S. Ross, and Leonard J. Scinto

Submissions from 2010

Comparison of Gears for Sampling Littoral-Zone Fishes in Floodplain Lakes of the Lower White River, Arkansas, Michael A. Eggleton, John R. Jackson, and Benjamin J. Lubinski

Smallmouth Bass Summer Habitat Use, Movement, and Survival in Response to Low Flow in the Illinois Bayou, Arkansas, Andrew W. Hafs, Charles J. Gagen, and J. Keith Whalen

Submissions from 2009

Adult and Juvenile Paddlefish in Floodplain Lakes Along the Lower White River, Arkansas, Sandra J. Clark-Kolaks, John R. Jackson, and Steve E. Lochmann

Submissions from 2008


Teaching Evolution: Challenging Religious Preconceptions, Eric C. Lovely and Linda C. Kondrick


Relationships Between Floodplain Lake Fish Communities and Environmental Variables in a Large River-Floodplain Ecosystem, Benjamin J. Lubinski, John R. Jackson, and Michael A. Eggleton

Submissions from 2007

A Comparison of Shoreline Seines with Fyke Nets for Sampling Littoral Fish Communities in Floodplain Lakes, Sandra J. Clark, John R. Jackson, and Steve E. Lochmann

Molecular Identification of the Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (J.E. Smith) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) Using PCR-RFLP, Jennifer A. Lewter and Allen L. Szalanski

Submissions from 2006

Genetic Variation Within and Between Strains of the Fall Armyworm, Spodoptera frugiperda (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae), Jennifer A. Lewter, Allen L. Szalanski, Rodney N. Nagoshi, Robert L. Meagher, Carrie B. Owens, and Randall G. Luttrell

Brainstem Auditory Evoked Potentials and Flash Visual Evoked Potentials in Vietnamese Miniature Pot-bellied Pigs, George M. Strain, Bruce L. Tedford, and Marjorie S. Gill

Genetic Structure of Aedes vexans (Diptera: Culicidae) Populations from Central United States Based on Mitochondrial ND5 Sequences, Allen L. Szalanski, Carrie B. Owens, Jennifer A. Lewter, and Alberto B. Broce

Submissions from 2005

A Re-evaluation of U.S. State Fish-Stocking Recommendations for Small, Private, Warmwater Impoundments, Daniel C. Dauwalter and John R. Jackson


Quantification and Prediction of Stream Dryness in the Interior Highlands, Justin M. Homan, Nicholas M. Girondo, and Charles J. Gagen

The Life History of Phoxichilidium tubulariae (Pycnogonida: Phoxichilidiidae), Eric C. Lovely

Submissions from 2004

A Provisional Fish Index of Biotic Integrity for Assessing Ouachita Mountains streams in Arkansas, U.S.A, Daniel C. Dauwalter and John R. Jackson

Submissions from 2003

Responses of 'Resistant' Vertebrates to Habitat Loss and Fragmentation: The Importance of Niche Breadth and Range Boundaries, Robert K. Swihart, Thomas M. Gehring, Mary Beth Kolozsvary, and Thomas E. Nupp

Submissions from 2001

Assessing Competition Between Forest Rodents in a Fragmented Landscape of Midwestern USA, Thomas Nupp and Robert K. Swihart

Submissions from 2000


Landscape-Level Correlates of Small-Mammal Assemblages in Forest Fragments of Farmland, Thomas Nupp and Robert K. Swihart

Submissions from 1998

Ouachita Madtom (Noturus lachneri) Metapopulation Dynamics in Intermittent Ouachita Mountain Streams, Charles J. Gagen, Richard W. Standage, and Joseph N. Stoeckel

Two Instances of Kleptoparasitism in Passerines, Christopher J. Kellner and Robert J. Cooper

Effect of Hyperbaric Oxygen on Lipid Peroxidation in Free Skin Grafts in Rats, Rose J. Lemarié, Giselle Hosgood, Jan VanSteenhouse, E. Clay Hodgin, Bruce L. Tedford, and George M. Strain


Effects of Forest Fragmentation on Population Attributes of White-Footed Mice and Eastern Chipmunks, Thomas E. Nupp and Robert K. Swihart

Creatine kinase level changes following electromyography in the normal anaesthetized dog, George M. Strain, Sharon C. Kerwin, Bruce L. Tedford, and Ronald P. Johnson

Air- and bone-conduction brainstem auditory evoked potentials and flash visual evoked potentials in cats, George M. Strain, Bruce L. Tedford, Martha A. Littlefield-Chabaud, and Lisa T. Treviño

Submissions from 1996

Episodic Acidification of Small Streams in the Northeastern United States: Effects on Fish Populations, J. P. Baker, J. Van Sickle, Charles J. Gagen, D. R. Dewalle, W. E. Sharpe, R. F. Carline, B. P. Baldigo, P. S. Murdoch, D. W. Bath, W. A. Kretser, H. A. Simonin, and P. J. Wigington

Effect of Forest Patch Area on Population Attributes of White-Footed Mice (Peromyscus leucopus) in Fragmented Landscapes, Thomas Nupp and Robert K. Swihart

Submissions from 1995

Ototoxicity assessment of a gentamicin sulfate otic preparation in dogs, George M. Strain, S. R. Merchant, T. M. Neer, and Bruce L. Tedford


Geographical Analysis of Scorpion Populations on Habitat Islands, Tsunemi Yamashita and Gary A. Polis

Submissions from 1994

Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Population Dynamics and Mottled Sculpin (Cottus bairdi) Occurrence in Relation to Acidic Episodes in Streams, R. F. Carline, Charles J. Gagen, and W. E. Sharpe

Downstream Movement and Mortality of Brook Trout (Salvelinus fontinalis) Exposed to Acidic Episodes in Streams, Charles J. Gagen, W. E. Sharpe, and R. F. Carline

Submissions from 1993

Mortality of Brook Trout, Mottled Sculpins, and Slimy Sculpins During Acidic Episodes, Charles J. Gagen, William E. Sharpe, and Robert F. Carline

Brain stem auditory evoked potentials from bone stimulation in dogs., George M. Strain, K. D. Green, A. C. Twedt, and Bruce L. Tedford

Flash and pattern reversal visual evoked potentials in C57BL/6J and B6CBAF1/J mice, George M. Strain and Bruce L. Tedford

Daily rhythm of plasma insulin in Japanese quail (Coturnix c. japonica) fed Ad libitum, Bruce L. Tedford and Albert H. Meier

Submissions from 1992

Water Chemistry and Fish Community Responses to Episodic Stream Acidification in Pennsylvania, USA, Robert F. Carline, David R. DeWalle, William E. Sharpe, Brian A. Dempsey, Charles J. Gagen, and Bryan Swistock

Changes in Fish Communities and Trout Management in Response to Acidification of Streams in Pennsylvania, Robert F. Carline, William E. Sharpe, and Charles J. Gagen


Brainstem Auditory‐Evoked Potential Assessment of Congenital Deafness in Dalmatians: Associations With Phenotypic Markers, George M. Strain, Michael T. Kearney, Ivan J. Gignac, Donald C. Levesque, Holly J. Nelson, Bruce L. Tedford, and Laura G. Remsen

Cortical Somatosensory Evoked Potentials in Cows, George M. Strain, A. E. Kraus-Hansen, Bruce L. Tedford, and M. S. Claxton-Gill

Submissions from 1991

Postnatal Development of the Visual-Evoked Potential in Dogs., George M. Strain, R. M. Jackson, and Bruce L. Tedford

Hyperbaric Oxygen Effects on Brown Recluse Spider (Loxosceles reclusa) Envenomation in Rabbits, George M. Strain, T. G. Snider, Bruce L. Tedford, and G. H. Cohn

Postnatal Development of the Brain Stem Auditory-Evoked Potential in Dogs., George M. Strain, Bruce L. Tedford, and R. M. Jackson

Submissions from 1990

Fish, Money, and Science in Puget Sound, Charles J. Gagen

Post-Fledging Behavior of American Kestrels in Central Kentucky, Christopher J. J. Kellner

Visual Evoked Potentials in the Clinically Normal Dog, George M. Strain, Rose M. Jackson, and Bruce L. Tedford

Submissions from 1989

Pumping Alkaline Groundwater to Restore a Put-And-Take Trout Fishery in a Stream Acidified by Atmospheric Deposition, Charles J. Gagen, William E. Sharpe, David R. Dewalle, and William G. Kimmel

Submissions from 1987

Net sodium loss and mortality of three salmonid species exposed to a stream acidified by atmospheric deposition, Charles J. Gagen and William E. Sharpe