This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship from the Department of Biological Sciences at Arkansas Tech University.

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Submissions from 2018


New Applications of Radio Frequency Identification Stations for Monitoring Fish Passage through Headwater Road Crossings and Natural Reaches, Ian R. MacLeod and Charles J. Gagen

Submissions from 2017

Reduced Gene Flow in Two Common Headwater Fishes in the Ouachita Mountains: A Response to Stream Drying and In-steam Barriers, Kevin L. Schanke, Tsunemi Yamashita, and Charles J. Gagen

Submissions from 2010

Smallmouth Bass Summer Habitat Use, Movement, and Survival in Response to Low Flow in the Illinois Bayou, Arkansas, Andrew W. Hafs, Charles J. Gagen, and J. Keith Whalen

Submissions from 2005


Quantification and Prediction of Stream Dryness in the Interior Highlands, Justin M. Homan, Nicholas M. Girondo, and Charles J. Gagen

Submissions from 1998

Ouachita Madtom (Noturus lachneri) Metapopulation Dynamics in Intermittent Ouachita Mountain Streams, Charles J. Gagen, Richard W. Standage, and Joseph N. Stoeckel