This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship and creative works from the School of Business at Arkansas Tech University.

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Submissions from 2023

Corporate Governance and Choice of Capital Structure, Aditya Limaye, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi, Kuldeep Singh, Debra R. Hunter, and Loretta F. Cochran

Submissions from 2022

Bubbles and Crashes in Cryptocurrencies: Interdependence, Contagion, or Asset Rotation?, Md Shahadur R. Chowdhury, Damian S. Damianov, and Ahmed H. Elsayed

Do Research Universities Boost Regional Economic Development? -A Case study of University of Science and Technology of China, Shuai Chu, Masanori Kuroki, and Xiangbo Liu

Online Retail Systems in Global COVID-19 Pandemic, Efosa C. Idemudia, Nickia Carroll Chambers-Sauls, Jorge S. Medina, and Timothy S. Zhang

Healthcare Coverage and Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses: Evidence from the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act and the Medical Expense Deduction, Masanori Kuroki and Wan Wei

Telemedicine Patient Satisfaction Dimensions Moderated by Patient Demographics, Andrew N. Mason, Matt Brown, and Kevin H. Mason

Evidence of Abnormal Trading on COVID-19 Pfizer Vaccine Development Information, Andrew N. Mason and Ahmed Elkassabgi

A Study of the Impact of Different Styles of Leadership on Project Quality Performance: An Empirical Analysis, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Efosa C. Idemudia, and Wendendate Carroll Bonkoungou

Submissions from 2021

Illiquidity Contagion and Pricing of Commonality Risk: Evidence From a Dynamic Conditional Correlation Model, Nardos Beyene, Peng Huang, and C. James Hueng

Empirical Investigation of Factors that Influence Website Performance, Efosa C. Idemudia, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Ogechi Adeola, and Fen Wang

Lifestyle Characteristics and Employment Discrimination: I Have Got Mine While You Are on Your Own, Stephen C. Jones, Tracy L. Cole, and Daniel T. Warwick


State minimum wage and mental health in the United States: 2011-2019, Masanori Kuroki

State Ninimum Wages and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008–2018, Masanori Kuroki

The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Personal Bankruptcy: Evidence from the Medicaid Expansion, Masanori Kuroki

The Rise in Extreme Mental Distress Among LGBT People During Trump's Rise and Presidency, Masanori Kuroki

Using Python and Google Colab to teach undergraduate microeconomic theory, Masanori Kuroki

The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Homeownership and Housing Prices: Evidence from the Medicaid Expansion, Masanori Kuroki and Xiangbo Liu

Impact of Natural Disasters on Economic Activity, Aditya Limaye, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi, and Kuldeep Singh

The Most Important Telemedicine Patient Satisfaction Dimension: Patient-Centered Care, Andrew N. Mason


Pandemic Effects on Social Media Marketing Behaviors in India, Andrew N. Mason, Matt Brown, Kevin Mason, and John Narcum


Social Media Gains Importance after the COVID-19, Andrew N. Mason, John Narcum, and Kevin Mason


Millennials' Strategic Decision Making Through the Lens of Corporate Social Responsibility and Financial Management, Mark Reavis, Kuldeep Singh, and Jack Tucci

Government Intervention in Chinese Rural Commercial Banks–A Helping Hand or a Grabbing Hand?, Wenli Wang, C. James Hueng, and Wan Wei


The Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy on Exchange Rate Volatility, Wan Wei and Susan Pozo

Social Capital, Knowledge Sharing and Operational Performance in Supply Chain: A Buyer-Supplier Perspective, Sina Zare, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi, and Yasaman Ghasemi

Submissions from 2020


Exploration of Factors Contributing to Academic Success in a Data Analytics Program, Matt Brown


An Empirical Analysis Of Survey Data About Comprehension Of Collaboration, Ralph Ferguson and Efosa C. Idemudia

The Novel Model To Empirically Investigate The Factors That Influence Graduate GPA : Emergency Loans, Efosa C. Idemudia and Ralph Ferguson

Obesity and bankruptcy: Evidence from US counties, Masanori Kuroki

The Housing and Rental Price Effects of Unskilled and Skilled Immigration in the United States: 2013-2017, Masanori Kuroki and Wan Wei

Coronavirus Disrupts the United States Economy: A Conceptual Investigation, Andrew N. Mason


Pharmacy Internal Controls: A Call for Greater Vigilance during the COVID-19 Pandemic, Andrew N. Mason

Changes in Consumer Decision-Making Resulting from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Andrew N. Mason, John Narcum, and Kevin Mason

General education Universities & colleges Mathematics education, Jeanie L. Meyers, Matt Brown, and Kristi Spittler-Brown

Submissions from 2019

Influences of Macroeconomic Variables on Stock Market in China: An Empirical Analysis, Shen Chen, Wan Wei, Peng Huang, and Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi

The Influence of Fedspeak on Market Volatility, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi, Peng Huang, Efosa C. Idemudia, and Wan Wei


Futures Contracts as a Risk Management Technique--An Adjusted Timing Model Analysis, Debra R. Hunter and Michael S. Luehlfing

The Online Educational Model and Drivers for Online Learning, Efosa C. Idemudia, Ogechi Adeola, and Nubi Achebo

Fast Food Strategic Advantage: Healthy Foods, Stephen C. Jones, John Narcum, and Kevin Mason

Are American Homeowners More Satisfied With Their Lives Than Renters?, Masanori Kuroki

Imbalanced Sex Ratios and Housing Prices in the U.S., Masanori Kuroki

The Missing Obese Men? Labour Force Participation and Obesity Among Prime-Age Men in the United States, Masanori Kuroki

Digital Distraction Outside the Classroom: An Empirical Study, Rajvardhan Patil, Matt Brown, Mohamed Ibrahim, Jeanine L. Myers, Kristi Brown, Muhammad Khan, and Rebecca Callaway

Submissions from 2018

Status of Corporate Sustainability: A Content Analysis of Fortune 500 Companies, Mehdi Amini, Carol C. Bienstock, and John A. Narcum

Faculty Workloads in Computing Departments, Matt Brown

Impact of Distance to School on Housing Price: Evidence from a Quantile Regression, Peng Huang and Timothy Hess

The Impact of Monetary Policy on Housing Prices in China, Peng Huang, Wan Wei, and Shen Chen

The Contributing Factors of Continuance Usage of Social Media: An Empirical Analysis, Efosa C. Idemudia, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, and Olusola Samuel-Ojo

Immigrant Women and Medicaid-Financed Births, Masanori Kuroki

Racial Diversity, Immigrants and the Well-Being of Residents: Evidence from US Counties, Masanori Kuroki

Subjective Well-Being and Minimum Wages: Evidence from U.S. States, Masanori Kuroki


Quick Service Restaurant Consumer Behaviors: Moderating Effect of Gender, Kevin Mason, Stephen C. Jones, and James Walton


The Dynamic Capabilities View: Supply Chain and Operations Management Perspectives, Kuldeep Singh, George Kurian, and Randy Napier

Submissions from 2017

Involving Students in a Human-Computer Interaction Experiment, Matt Brown

The Conceptual Model for Agile Tools and Techniques, Todd Haines, Efosa C. Idemudia, and Mahesh S. Raisinghani

Bolivian Los Alamos de la Andes Co-op: An Empirical Case Analysis of Ethnic Women Identifying an Ethical Market Economy Path to Improve Their Financial Well-being, Efosa C. Idemudia, Ralph Ferguson, and Denise Dean

Does Drinking in Moderation Lead to Higher Life Satisfaction?, Masanori Kuroki

Marital Dissolution and Formation for Interracial Couples: Evidence from Parents of Biracial Children, Masanori Kuroki

Perceived Racial Discrimination in the Workplace and Body Weight among the Unemployed, Masanori Kuroki

Starbucks: A Case Study of Efficiency in the Coffee Industry, Andrew N. Mason, Tracy L. Cole, and Nina Goza

Are we at Risk for Another Great Recession, Andrew N. Mason and Kevin Mason

The Best Play in NCAA Division II Sports is the Social Media Pivot, Kevin Mason, Jack E. Tucci, and Michael Benefield

Broken Trust: An Expensive Affair, Constance A. McKnight, Tracy S. Manly, Loretta F. Cochran, and Kim Troboy

An Empirical Investigation of Factors that Influence Government Apps Usage/Adoption, Aderonke A. Oni, Efosa C. Idemudia, and Babafemi O. Odusote

Are Credit Unions Less Efficient than Commercial Banks? An Empirical Analysis of Operating Efficiency, Mark Ray Reavis and Peng Huang


Corporate Social Responsibility and Millennial's' Stakeholder Approach, Mary Ray Reavis, Jack E. Tucci, and Garrick St. Pierre

Carbon Emission Modeling in a Two Stage Supply Chain, Zhi Tao, Alfred L. Guiffrida, and O. Felix Offodile

Anti-Fracking pressure on the Oil and Gas Industry: A Qualitative Meta-Review of the Literature, Jack E. Tucci, Andrew N. Mason, and Kevin Mason

Submissions from 2016

Conceptual Models on the Effectiveness of E-Marketing Strategies in Engaging Consumers, Cheristena Bolos, Efosa C. Idemudia, Phoebe Mai, and Mahesh S. Raisinghani

An Empirical Investigation of Student Arrivals, Departures, and Persistence in Computing Majors, Matt Brown

Monetary Policy, Politics, and Commodities: the U.S. Quagmire, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi

Factors that Influence Students' Programming Skills: A Case Study from a Nigerian University, Efosa C. Idemudia, Salihu Ibrahim Dasuki, and Peter Ogedebe

An Analysis of Perceptions of Job Insecurity among White and Black Workers in the United States: 1977–2012, Masanori Kuroki


Life Satisfaction, Overweight and Obesity, Masanori Kuroki

Collegiate Sports: Are You a Fan?, Andrew N. Mason and Kevin Mason

Building Consumer Relationships in the Quick Service Restaurant Industry, Kevin Mason, Stephen C. Jones, Michael Benefield, and Jim Walton


The Impacts of Twitter Transgressions on an Athlete's Brand, John A. Narcum, Cody T. Harvard, and Kevin Mason

Managing Knowledge in Organizations: Tools & Techniques for Competitive Advantage, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, Rebecca Bekele, Efosa C. Idemudia, and Avinab Nakarmi

The Behavioral Characteristics of Velocity May Soon Lead To A Rise In Inflation, Mark Ray Reavis

A Case Study: The Economy Index as a Metric of Success of Eighteen Arkansas Cities, Zhi Tao and Marc Anthony Fusaro

Marketing Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry, James Walton, Andrew N. Mason, and Kevin Mason

Submissions from 2015

Comparing Classification Techniques by Predicting the Gender of Chickens: Nifty Assignment, Matt Brown

Impact of Market Orientation on Environmental Sustainability Strategy, Kenneth Wilburn Green, Lisa C. Toms, and James Clark

The Online Target Advertising Design Model: A Conceptual Model to Provide Theoretical Guidelines, Insights, and Understanding in Online Target Marketplaces and the Development of Websites and Apps, Efosa C. Idemudia


An Epistemological and Pattern Analysis of Empirical Data that Influences Emergency Loan Need Among Graduate Students, Efosa C. Idemudia and R. Ferguson

An Empirical Investigation of domestic and international Graduate Students with Emergency Loan Need Signals Global Challenge of Managing the Cost of U.S. Education, Efosa C. Idemudia and Ralph Ferguson

An Empirical Investigation of Online Banner Ads in Online Market Places: The Cognitive Factors that Influence Intention to Click, Efosa C. Idemudia and Donald R. Jones

Perceptions of Job Insecurity Before, During, and After the Great Recession, Masanori Kuroki

You Can't Fool Me! Or Can You? Assimilation and Contrast Effects on Consumers' Evaluations of Product Authenticity in the Online Environment, John A. Narcum and Joshua T. Coleman

Shin, S., & Tucci, J. E. (2015). Wal-Mart's Dilemma in the 21st Century: Sales Growth Vs. Inventory Growth, Seungjae Shin and Jack E. Tucci


Logistics Sustainability?: Long Term Technology Investments and Integration, Jack E. Tucci, Seungjae Shin, and Mike Benefield

Submissions from 2014

Interior Planning: A Small Business Discussion Case, Ed Bashaw, Sherman Alexander, and Stephen C. Jones


Construction of the Arkansas Tech Business Index, Marc Anthony Fusaro and Erica Franklin

A Continuing Timeline of the Integration of Fair Value Accounting into U.S. GAAP: 1995-2012, Debra R. Hunter, Stephen B. Shanklin, and Craig R. Ehlen

A Comprehensive Summary Review of Internet Advertising and Online Market Places that provides Detailed Insights and Understanding On what Information Systems Discipline is About, Efosa C. Idemudia

The Visual-Cognitive Model for Internet Advertising in Online Market Places, Efosa C. Idemudia


Emergency Loan Need Among Graduate Students Signals Debt Trends in Higher Education May Influence the Expansion of the U.S. Economy Long-term, Efosa C. Idemudia and Ralph Ferguson


The Influence of Cognitive Trust and Familiarity on Adoption and Continued Use of Smartphones: An Empirical Analysis, Efosa C. Idemudia and Mahesh S. Raisinghani


Empirical Investigation of the Cognitive Factors that Influence the Continued Use of Smartphones by College Students Who are Using Smartphones to Participate in the Future Global Distributed Teams, Efosa C. Idemudia, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, and Alice Batch

The Deployment of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in Iraq and Public Trust Among Different Ideological Groups, Masanori Kuroki