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Submissions from 2022

Bubbles and Crashes in Cryptocurrencies: Interdependence, Contagion, or Asset Rotation?, Md Shahadur R. Chowdhury, Damian S. Damianov, and Ahmed H. Elsayed

Do Research Universities Boost Regional Economic Development? -A Case study of University of Science and Technology of China, Shuai Chu, Masanori Kuroki, and Xiangbo Liu

Submissions from 2021

Illiquidity Contagion and Pricing of Commonality Risk: Evidence From a Dynamic Conditional Correlation Model, Nardos Beyene, Peng Huang, and C. James Hueng

State Ninimum Wages and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2008–2018, Masanori Kuroki

The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Personal Bankruptcy: Evidence from the Medicaid Expansion, Masanori Kuroki

The Rise in Extreme Mental Distress Among LGBT People During Trump's Rise and Presidency, Masanori Kuroki

Using Python and Google Colab to teach undergraduate microeconomic theory, Masanori Kuroki

The Effect of Health Insurance Coverage on Homeownership and Housing Prices: Evidence from the Medicaid Expansion, Masanori Kuroki and Xiangbo Liu


Pandemic Effects on Social Media Marketing Behaviors in India, Andrew N. Mason, Matt Brown, Kevin Mason, and John Narcum

Government Intervention in Chinese Rural Commercial Banks–A Helping Hand or a Grabbing Hand?, Wenli Wang, C. James Hueng, and Wan Wei


The Effects of Conventional and Unconventional Monetary Policy on Exchange Rate Volatility, Wan Wei and Susan Pozo

Submissions from 2020

Obesity and bankruptcy: Evidence from US counties, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2019

Are American Homeowners More Satisfied With Their Lives Than Renters?, Masanori Kuroki

Imbalanced Sex Ratios and Housing Prices in the U.S., Masanori Kuroki

The Missing Obese Men? Labour Force Participation and Obesity Among Prime-Age Men in the United States, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2018

Immigrant Women and Medicaid-Financed Births, Masanori Kuroki

Racial Diversity, Immigrants and the Well-Being of Residents: Evidence from US Counties, Masanori Kuroki

Subjective Well-Being and Minimum Wages: Evidence from U.S. States, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2017

Does Drinking in Moderation Lead to Higher Life Satisfaction?, Masanori Kuroki

Marital Dissolution and Formation for Interracial Couples: Evidence from Parents of Biracial Children, Masanori Kuroki

Perceived Racial Discrimination in the Workplace and Body Weight among the Unemployed, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2016

An Analysis of Perceptions of Job Insecurity among White and Black Workers in the United States: 1977–2012, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2014


Empirical Investigation of the Cognitive Factors that Influence the Continued Use of Smartphones by College Students Who are Using Smartphones to Participate in the Future Global Distributed Teams, Efosa C. Idemudia, Mahesh S. Raisinghani, and Alice Batch

The Deployment of the Japan Self-Defense Forces in Iraq and Public Trust Among Different Ideological Groups, Masanori Kuroki

THE effect of sex ratios on suicide, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2013

Crime Victimization and Subjective Well-Being: Evidence from Happiness Data, Masanori Kuroki

Opposite-Sex Coworkers and Marital Infidelity, Masanori Kuroki

The Paradoxical Negative Association between Subjective Well-Being and the Objective "Happiness Ranking" in Japan, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2012

The Deregulation of Temporary Employment and Workers' Perceptions of Job Insecurity, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2011

The Inverse U Curve Relationship Between Software Piracy and Technological Outputs in Developed Nations, Peerayuth Charoensukmongkol and Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi

Does Social Trust Increase Individual Happiness in Japan?, Masanori Kuroki

Democracy and FDI inflow: Evidence of discordance in Sub-Saharan Africa, Collins E. Okafor, Nacasius U. Ujah, Ahmed Y. Elkassabgi, and Winifred U. Ajalie

Submissions from 2010

Traditional View or Revisionist View? The Effects of Monetary Policy on Exchange Rates in Asia, Peng Huang, C. James Hueng, and Ruey Yau

Suicide and Unemployment in Japan: Evidence from Municipal Level Suicide Rates and Age-Specific Suicide Rates, Masanori Kuroki

Submissions from 2009

Interest-Rate Risk Factor and Stock Returns: A Time-Varying Factor-Loadings Model, Peng Huang and C. James Hueng

Submissions from 2008

Conditional Risk-Return Relationship in a Time-Varying Beta Model, Peng Huang and C. James Hueng

Submissions from 2003

Linking Shop Floor Performance to Company Objectives, Loretta F. Cochran, J. Wayne Patterson, and Cheryl C. Patterson