Adoption of information communication technology by teacher educators: One-on-one coaching

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Curriculum & Instruction


Research evidence suggests teacher educators who role model the use of information communication technology (ICT) in their practice help their students build confidence and competence as ICT users. This research finding is also supported by feedback from Louisiana Tech University students in teacher education. Research also indicates that a number of factors impact the adoption of ICT in the practice of teacher educators. This research has examined one of these factors, namely the benefits of one-on-one coaching for teacher educators by technology coaches as they worked together to learn to use technology. Participants included 33 teacher educators from Louisiana Tech University and 14 pre-service teachers. The pre-service teachers served as technology coaches and worked with the teacher educators in their offices and classrooms as they learned to use technology for their personal benefit and to integrate technology into their teaching. Interviews and observations indicated that coaches as well as teacher educators benefited from the relationship and both groups increased their technology competency. © 2002 Taylor & Francis Group, LLC.



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Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education


At the time of publication, Rebecca Callaway was affiliated with Louisiana Tech University. Original Citation: Kathryn Matthew, Elizabeth Stephens, Rebecca Callaway, Catherine Letendre & Kimberly Kimbell-Lopez (2002) Adoption of information communication technology by teacher educators: one-on-one coaching, Journal of Information Technology for Teacher Education, 11:1, 45-62, DOI: 10.1080/14759390200200122