This the home of a collection of faculty scholarship and creative works from the Department of Electrical Engineering at Arkansas Tech University.

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Submissions from 2021


Intrusion detection in internet of things using supervised machine learning based on application and transport layer features using UNSW-NB15 data-set, Muhammad Ahmad, Qaiser Riaz, Muhammad Zeeshan, Hasan Tahir, Syed Ali Haider, and Muhammad Safeer Khan


Performance Prediction of Computer Science Students in Capstone Software Engineering Course Through Educational Data Mining, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Mohamed Ibrahim, and Syed Ali Haider

Online deep neural network-based feedback control of a Lutein bioprocess, Pappa Natarajan, Rohollah Moghadam, and S. Jagannathan

Submissions from 2020

Biomedical soft robots: current status and perspective, T. Ashuri, A. Armani, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi, T. Reasnor, S. Ahmadi, and K. Iqbal

Internet of Things Based Remote Sensing for Ornithological Monitoring, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Douglas G. Barron, Rajvardhan Patil, Matthew Nannemann, and Michael Courson

An investigation of effectiveness of project based learning on students' skills in engineering modeling and design, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Mohamed Ibrahim

Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning Approach for Machine Learning and Internet of Things, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Mohamed Ibrahim, Nansong Wu, and Rajvardhan Patil

Optimal Adaptive Regulation of Uncertain Linear Continuous-time Systems with State and Input Delays, Rohollah Moghadam and S. Jagannathan

Optimal Control of Linear Continuous-time Systems in the Presence of State and Input Delays with Application to a Chemical Reactor, Rohollah Moghadam and Sarangapani Jagannathan

Multilayer Neural Network-based Optimal Adaptive Tracking Control of Partially Uncertain Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems, Rohollah Moghadam, Pappa Natarajan, and Sarangapani Jagannathan

Online Optimal Adaptive Control of a Class of Uncertain Nonlinear Discrete-time Systems, Rohollah Moghadam, Pappa Natarajan, Krishnan Raghavan, and Sarangapani Jagannathan

Resilient synchronization of distributed multi-agent systems under attacks, Aquib Mustafa, Hamidreza Modares, and Rohollah Moghadam

Cause identification of electromagnetic transient events using spatiotemporal feature learning, Iman Niazazari, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi, Hanif Livani, and Reza Arghandeh

Submissions from 2019

Computational design and optimization of wind farms using analytical derivatives, T. Ashuri, S. Bista, S. E. Hosseini, M. S. Khan, and Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi

Low-Power Distributed Sensor Network for Wildfire Detection, Triston Blalack, Dakota Ellis, Marcus Long, Carter Brown, Ricardo Kemp, and Muhammad Safeer Khan

Optimal time-current graded coordination of multistage inverse-time overcurrent relays in distribution networks, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi, Ali Ahmadian, Rajvardhan Patil, and Ailin Asadinejad

Decentralized Control Framework for Mitigation of the Power-Flow Fluctuations at the Integration Point of Smart Grids, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi and R. H. Kiany

A Distributed Control System for Enhancing Smart-grid Resiliency using Electric Vehicles, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi, R. H. Kiany, and T. Ashuri

A Recursive Method for Traveling-Wave Arrival-Time Detection in Power Systems, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi and Hanif Livani

Impact of Project-based Learning on Self-Efficacy of Students in Engineering Modeling and Design Courses, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Mohamed Ibrahim

Measuring self-efficacy in engineering courses - Impact of learning style preferences, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Mohamed Ibrahim, and Nansong Wu

Acoustic Characterization of PVC Sewer Pipes for Crack Detection Using Frequency Domain Analysis, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Rajvardhan Patil

Application of Machine Learning Algorithms for Crack Detection in PVC Pipes, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Rajvardhan Patil

Robotics and Deep Learning Framework for Structural Health Monitoring of Utility Pipes, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Kaiman Zeng, Nansong Wu, and Ishaq Unwala

Approximate Optimal Adaptive Control of Partially Unknown Linear Continuous-time Systems with State Delay, Rohollah Moghadam and Sarangapani Jagannathan

Output-feedback H quadratic tracking control of linear systems using reinforcement learning, Rohollah Moghadam and Frank L. Lewis

Resilient autonomous control of distributed multiagent systems in contested environments, Rohollah Moghadam and Hamidreza Modares

Optimality in event-triggered adaptive control of uncertain linear dynamical systems, Vignesh Narayanan, Sarangapani Jagannathan, and Rohollah Moghadam


Digital Distraction Outside the Classroom: An Empirical Study, Rajvardhan Patil, Matt Brown, Mohamed Ibrahim, Jeanine L. Myers, Kristi Brown, Muhammad Khan, and Rebecca Callaway

LoRa-based Internet-of-Things: A Water Quality Monitoring System, Nansong Wu and Muhammad Safeer Khan

Regression analysis to predict student electric circuits performance, Matthew Garett Young, Edward Carl Greco, Scott Marks Jordan, and Thomas Galen Limperis

Submissions from 2018

Issues and Challenges in VANET Routing Protocols, Afsana Ahamed and Hamid Vakilzadian

Condition Monitoring of Electrical Machines with Internet of Things, Hunter Barksdale, Quinton Smith, and Muhammad Safeer Khan

Adaptive single-phase auto-reclosing method using power line carrier signals, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi and Hanif Livani

Empirical modeling of acoustic signal attenuation in municipal sewer pipes for condition monitoring applications, Muhammad Safeer Khan

Finite Element Modeling of Demagnetization Fault in Permanent Magnet Direct Current Motors, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Ugochukwu V. Okonkwo, Adil Usman, and Bharat S. Rajpurohit

Statistical Analysis of Acoustic Response of PVC Pipes for Crack Detection, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Rajvardhan Patil

A study on measuring self-efficacy in engineering modeling and design courses, Muhammad Safeer Khan, Nansong Wu, and Mohamed Ibrahim

A new statistical approach to enhance the performance of model-free optimal control algorithms, Eduardo R.V. Mayen, Reza Jalilzadeh Hamidi, and Turaj Ashuri

Static output-feedback synchronisation of multi-agent systems: A secure and unified approach, Hamidreza Modares, Rohollah Moghadam, Frank L. Lewis, and Ali Davoudi

An internal model principle for the attacker in distributed control systems, Rohollah Moghadam and Hamidreza Modares

Resilient adaptive optimal control of distributed multi-agent systems using reinforcement learning, Rohollah Moghadam and Hamidreza Modares

Distributed control of leader-follower systems under adversarial inputs using reinforcement learning, Rohollah Moghadam, Qinglai Wei, and Hamidreza Modares

Work in progress: Implementation of electrostatics tutorials utilizing an electronic response system in upper level electromagnetics, Matthew Garett Young, Jessica Patricia Conry, and Edward Carl Greco

Submissions from 2017

Performance analysis of a congested and uncongested communication network, Afsana Ahamed, Hamid Vakilzadian, Hao Sun, and Dietmar P.F. Möller

An approach for crack detection in sewer pipes using acoustic signals, Muhammad Safeer Khan

A stochastic based approach to model acoustic propagation in pipes with laterals, Muhammad Safeer Khan

Flipped classroom in technology courses - Impact on personal efficacy and perception based on learning style preferences, Muhammad Safeer Khan and Mohamed Ibrahim

Submissions from 2016

An acoustic based approach for mitigating sewer system overflows, Muhammad Safeer Khan

Submissions from 2012

Low complexity iris recognition using curvelet transform, Afsana Ahamed and Mohammed Imamul Hassan Bhuiyan

Submissions from 2011

Efficacy of lab reports for electric circuits laboratory assessment, Edward Carl Greco, James Douglas Reasoner, Daniel Bullock, Carlos L. Castillo, Patricia S. Buford, and Gill G. Richards

Submissions from 2010


Student laboratory skills and knowledge improved through individual lab participation, Edward Carl Greco and Jim Reasoner


Accuracy of advanced versus strictly conventional 12-lead ECG for detection and screening of coronary artery disease, left ventricular hypertrophy and left ventricular systolic dysfunction, Todd T. Schlegel, Walter B. Kulecz, Alan H. Feiveson, Edward Carl Greco, Jude L. DePalma, Vito Starc, Bojan Vrtovec, M. A. Rahman, Michael W. Bungo, Matthew J. Hayat, Terry Bauch, Reynolds Delgado, Stafford G. Warren, Tulio Núñez-Medina, Rubén Medina, Diego Jugo, Håkan Arheden, and Olle Pahlm

Submissions from 2008

Advanced electrocardiographic predictors of mortality in familial dysautonomia, I. Solaimanzadeh, T. T. Schlegel, A. H. Feiveson, Edward Carl Greco, J. L. DePalma, V. Starc, H. Marthol, M. Tutaj, S. Buechner, F. B. Axelrod, and M. J. Hilz

Submissions from 1993

Multivariate approach to QRS detection, Alan B. Bond, Edward Carl Greco, Richard Bowser, Nazih N. Kadri, and Michael H. Sketch

Robust and computational efficient QRS detection, Alan B. Bond, Edward Carl Greco, Richard Bowser, Nazih N. Kadri, and Michael H. Sketch

Best feature selection using successive elimination of poor performers, K. J. Siddiqui, Edward Carl Greco, N. Kadri, S. Mohiuddin, and M. Sketch

Submissions from 1982

Ventilatory Response to Stochastic Exercise, Edward Carl Greco, Horst Baier, and Angel Saez

Submissions from 1978

Experience with a Fourier method for determining the extracellular potential fields of excitable cells with cylindrical geometry., J. W. Clark, Edward Carl Greco, and T. L. Harman

Submissions from 1977

The Field from an Isolated Nerve in a Volume Conductor, Edward Carl Greco and John W. Clark

Volume-conductor fields of the isolated axon, Edward Carl Greco, J. W. Clark, and T. L. Harman