WIP Adopting the Entrepreneurial Mindset in an Upper Level Engineering Electromagnetics Course

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Electrical Engineering


This work in progress paper provides details about the current status of transforming a junior-level undergraduate engineering electromagnetics course by adding entrepreneurially minded learning (EML) activities to the course. The EML activities are primarily being integrated into the beginning of the course during which electrostatics topics are covered. The course covers more than electrostatics, but a peer-reviewed concept inventory is used to measure student knowledge gain on the electrostatics concepts. A future goal of this work is to explore what effect adding EML activities to the course has on student learning in electromagnetics. The more immediate goal with this paper is to stack EML with a guided inquiry pedagogy and share the results to receive feedback along the way to measuring student learning with EML for future study. Preliminary observational and survey data is presented that reveals some information about the student response and motivation to the new EML based activities.

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ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Conference Proceedings

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