Examining the Effect of Using Voicethread and Educreations on Preservice Teachers’ Self Efficacy and Learning Outcome in Online Course

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Teaching & Educational Leadership


The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of the use of Voicethread and Educreations as multimedia online discussion tools on students’ learning outcomes and self-efficacy. Two-group, pretest-posttest design was employed to assess whether there were significant differences in students' self-efficacy after engaging in multimedia-based online discussion. The twenty-three preservice teachers who participated in this study were enrolled in an online graduate level course. Participants were divided randomly in two groups (Voicethread or Educreations). After students completed the online learning activities on the topic selected, they were asked to create an online discussion post, either Voicethread or Educreations and reflect on a minimum of one student’s post using the same tool. The results of a paired-samples t-test found that there were significant differences in students’ self-efficacy after they created their discussion posts compared to their scores before the discussion activities. Further, the results indicated that although students in both groups improved their learning outcomes, students in the Voicethread group scored higher than students in the Educreations group. Finally, the results showed that students’ multimedia-based discussion post scores related positively and significantly to their frequency of using computers in online courses. The results suggest that when students engage in online discussion activities that involve the use of audio, video, drawing or images, their self-efficacy and learning outcomes improve compared to their self-efficacy and learning outcomes after completing other online learning activities. Furthermore, students’ level of success in the use of the multimedia discussion tools depends, in part, on their knowledge of using a computer.

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Proceedings of SITE 2014--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference


Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)



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