Performance evaluation of a solarized gas turbine system integrated to a high temperature electrolyzer for hydrogen production

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Mechanical Engineering


In this paper, the performance of a solar gas turbine (SGT) system integrated to a high temperature electrolyzer (HTE) to generate hybrid electrical power and hydrogen fuel is analyzed. The idea behind this design is to mitigate the losses in the electrical power transmission and use the enthalpy of exhaust gases released from the gas turbine (GT) to make steam for the HTE. In this context, a GT system is coupled with a solar tower including heliostat solar field and central receiver to generate electrical power. To make steam for the HTE, a flameless boiler is integrated to the SGT system applying the SGT extremely high temperature exhaust gases as the oxidizer. The results indicate that by increasing the solar receiver outlet temperature from 800 K to 1300 K, the solar share increases from 22.1% to 42.38% and the overall fuel consumption of the plant reduces from 7 kg/s to 2.7 kg/s. Furthermore, flameless mode is achievable in the boiler while the turbine inlet temperature (TIT) is maintained at the temperatures higher than 1314 K. Using constant amounts of the SGT electrical power, the HTE voltage decreases by enhancing the HTE steam temperature which result in the augmentation of the overall hydrogen production. To increase the HTE steam temperature from 950 K to 1350 K, the rate of fuel consumption in the flameless boiler increases from 0.1 m/s to 0.8 m/s; however, since the HTE hydrogen production increases from 4.24 mol/s to 16 mol/s it can be interpreted that the higher steam temperatures would be affordable. The presented hybrid system in this paper can be employed to perform more thermochemical analyses to achieve insightful understanding of the hybrid electrical power-hydrogen production systems. © 2020 Hydrogen Energy Publications LLC



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International Journal of Hydrogen Energy

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