Design and analysis of renewable hydrogen production from biogas by integrating a gas turbine system and a solid oxide steam electrolyzer

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Mechanical Engineering


In this paper, design and performance analysis of a biogas (60%CH4 + 40%CO2) fueled gas turbine (GT) power generation system integrated with a flameless boiler for steam generation for hydrogen production in a solid oxide steam electrolyzer (SOSE) is reported. In this design, the exhaust gases from GT is conducted to a flameless boiler where diluted and preheated exhaust gases are employed as an oxidizer in this process. Using a small amount of biogas in the flameless boiler enables the hybrid system to produce required steam for SOSE process and the whole generated electrical power by GT is employed in SOSE as well to produce hydrogen. The effects of biogas blends and flowrate, turbine inlet temperature (TIT), steam temperature and the electrode characteristics on the performance of the hybrid system are evaluated. The results indicate that by purification of biogas and increasing CH4 concentration up to 80%, the generated electrical power and produced hydrogen of the hybrid system augment 24% and 20% respectively. In GT system, the TIT should be set at the temperatures higher than 1300 K to prepare a desirable circumstance for the operation of flameless mode in the boiler. At the constant electrical power, when steam temperature increases, the overall SOSE potential decreases and consequently the current of the SOSE enhances which result in the enhancement of the overall hydrogen production in high steam temperatures. To increase the steam temperature from 850 K to 1450 K, the rate of overall biogas consumption of the system increases 1% while the amount of overall hydrogen production from SOSE system augments from 0.01 to 0.052 mol/s. The presented analysis in this paper can be employed to perform more analyses to achieve insightful understanding of the green hydrogen production using hybrid systems. © 2020 Elsevier Ltd



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Energy Conversion and Management

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