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Mechanical Engineering


In small-scale combustors, the ratio of area to the combustor volume increases and hence heat loss from the combustor’s wall is significantly enhanced and flame quenching occurs. To solve this problem, non-premixed vortex flow is employed to stabilize flames in a meso-scale combustion chamber to generate small-scale power or thrust for propulsion systems. In this experimental investigation, the effects of thermal recuperation on the characteristics of asymmetric non-premixed vortex combustion are studied. The exhaust gases temperature, emissions and the combustor wall temperature are measured to evaluate thermal and emitter efficiencies. The results illustrate that in both combustors (with/without thermal recuperator), by increasing the combustion air mass flowrate, the wall temperature increases while the wall temperature of combustor with thermal recuperator is higher. The emitter efficiency calculated based on the combustor wall temperature is significantly increased by using thermal recuperator. Thermal efficiency of the combustion system increases up to 10% when thermal recuperator is employed especially in moderate Reynolds numbers (combustion air flow rate is 120 mg/s). © 2018 by the authors.



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Hosseini, S., Owens, E., Krohn, J., & Leylek, J. (2018). Experimental Investigation into the Effects of Thermal Recuperation on the Combustion Characteristics of a Non-Premixed Meso-Scale Vortex Combustor. Energies, 11(12), 3390. doi:10.3390/en11123390