Coupling of a nonlinear finite element structural method with a navier-stokes solver

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Mechanical Engineering


A new three-dimensional viscous aeroelastic solver is developed in the present work. A well validated full Navier-Stokes code is coupled with a nonlinear finite element plate model. Implicit coupling between the CFD and structural solvers is achieved using a subiteration approach. Computations of several benchmark static and dynamic plate problems are used to validate the finite element portion of the code. This coupled aeroelastic scheme is then applied to the problem of threedimensional panel flutter. Inviscid and viscous supersonic results match previous computations using the same aerodynamic method coupled with a finite difference structural solver. For the case of subsonic flow, multiple solutions consisting of static, upward and downward deflections of the panel are discussed. The particular solution obtained is shown to be sensitive to the cavity pressure specified underneath the panel.



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15th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference

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