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Perceptions of Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Approximate Spending at an American Wine Festival
Kelly W. Hubbard, Keith H. Mandabach, Siriporn McDowall, and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen


Evaluation of the On-Campus Dining Services Using Importance-Performance Analysis
Hyun Woo Joung, Dong Soo Lee, Hak Seon Kim, and Lynn Huffman


1927 Agricola
Arkansas Polytechnic College


1949 Agricola
Arkansas Polytechnic College


A survey of polar and non-polar lipids of mouse organs
Richard T. Schoephoerster, Philip W. Wertz, Kathi C. Madison, and Donald T. Downing


Dependence of tissue valve leaflet motion on the viscosity of blood analogue fluid
K. B. Chandran, R. Fatemi, and Richard T. Schoephoerster


Hemodynamic comparison of polyurethane trileaflet and tissue heart valve prostheses
K. B. Chandran, Richard T. Schoephoerster, D. Wurzel, G. Hansen, L. S. Yu, G. Pantalos, and W. J. Kolff


An in vitro experimental comparison of Edwards-Duromedics and St. Jude bileaflet heart valve prostheses
K. B. Chandran, Richard T. Schoephoerster, R. Fatemi, and E. L. Dove


In Vitro Comparison of Velocity Profiles and Turbulent Shear Distal to Polyurethane Trileaflet and Pericardial Prosthetic Valves
K. B. Chandran, Reza Fatemi, Richard Schoephoerster, D. Wurzel, G. Hansen, G. Pantalos, L. S. Yu, and W. J. Kolff

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