Date of Award

Winter 12-2021

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Committee Chair

Shelly Randall, PhD

Second Committee Member

Jennifer Helms, PhD

Third Committee Member

Cheryl Monfee, PhD

Dean of Graduate College

Richard Schoephoerster, PhD


Nurses are a vital element of the COVID-19 healthcare crisis and have been since the beginning of the COVID-19 response. The professional strain put on nurses included, but is not limited to: changing professional roles, rapidly changing policies and procedures, an influx of patients—particularly of high acuity, and change in workplace morale. However, nurses also had to carry the burdens of living as a member of society, family member, friend, community member, and above all, simply as a person surviving a pandemic themselves. With all of the stressors nurses have endured, it stands to reason that their psychosocial needs have changed. This study examines the psychosocial needs of the COVID-19 nurse.