Date of Award

Spring 3-14-2023

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Education in School Leadership


College of Education and Health

Committee Chair

Dr. John Freeman

Second Committee Member

Dr. Steve Bounds

Third Committee Member

Dr. Mike Hernandez

Program Director

Dr. John Freeman

Dean of Graduate College

Dr. Sarah Gordon


As school safety continues to be a growing issue in public schools, this study takes an exploratory approach to examine the impact vaping is having on public schools in Arkansas. Student vaping is rapidly becoming a common issue in schools. This study examined the response to vaping from administrators in Arkansas. The study surveyed 82 Arkansas Public School Administrators serving grades anywhere from 1st grade through 12th grade. The questions included multiple choice, open response, and Likert Scale type questions to gather a plethora of data to gain insight about the response administrators are implementing in their schools. Questions focused on five areas, administration/school demographics, prevention, education, cessation, and student influences. This allowed the researcher to explore administrators responses to vaping to comply data that can be used to guide stakeholders in making decisions about how to address vaping on each campus. The findings also suggest that administrators do not have sufficient resources to address this issue. A suggestion from the findings is that stakeholders need to increase priority for developing plans and policies around vaping so that schools can be better prepared to address this rising issue in the future.