This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship from the Emergency Management Program at Arkansas Tech University.

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Submissions from 2022

An Overview of Local Floodplain Administrators and Training Needs in FEMA Region 6, Laura K. Siebeneck, Elyse Zavar, and Rejina Manandhar

Submissions from 2021

Information Management and the Return-Entry Process: Examining Information Needs, Sources, and Strategies after Superstorm Sandy, Rejina Manandhar and Laura K. Siebeneck

Exploring a model nuclear planning and response program: Evaluating public awareness of written risk and emergency, Ekong J. Peters, Caroline S. Hackerott, and Weijia Jia

Submissions from 2019

Inequalities of Nuclear Risk Communication Within and Beyond the Evacuation Planning Zone, Xiang Chen, Clayton Frazier, Rejina Manandhar, Zhigang Han, and Peng Jia

Submissions from 2018


A Novel Cloud Removal Method Based on Ihot and the Cloud Trajectories for Landsat Imagery, Shuli Chen, Xuehong Chen, Xiang Chen, Jin Chen, Xin Cao, Miaogen Shen, Wei Yang, and Xihong Cui

The Mixed Pixel Effect in Land Surface Phenology: A Simulation Study, Xiang Chen, Dawei Wang, Jin Chen, Cong Wang, and Miaogen Shen


Return-entry Risk Communication Challenges: Experiences of Local Emergency Management Organizations Following Superstorm Sandy, Rejina Manandhar and Laura K. Siebeneck

Towards a Healthy Ride: Locating Public Toilets in the Shanghai Metro System, Kun Zhang, Xiang Chen, Songlin Zhang, and Beth Wilson-Gray

Submissions from 2017

Take the Edge Off: A Hybrid Geographic Food Access Measure, Xiang Chen


Modeling Road Network Vulnerability for Evacuees and First Responders in No-Notice Evacuation, Xiang Chen and Qiang Li


How Does the Dengue Vector Mosquito Aedes Albopictus Respond to Global Warming?, Pengfei Jia, Xiang Chen, Jin Chen, Liang Lu, Qiyong Liu, and Xiaoyue Tan


Exploring Determinants of Housing Prices in Beijing: An Enhanced Hedonic Regression With Open Access POI Data, Yixiong Xiao, Xiang Chen, Qiang Li, Xi Yu, Jin Chen, and Jing Guo

Mapping Plastic Greenhouse With Medium Spatial Resolution Satellite Data: Development of a New Spectral Index, Dedi Yang, Jin Chen, Yuan Zhou, Xiang Chen, Xuehong Chen, and Xin Cao

Submissions from 2016


A Climate-Driven Mechanistic Population Model of Aedes Albopictus With Diapause, Pengfei Jia, Liang Lu, Xiang Chen, Jin Chen, Li Guo, Xiao Yu, and Qiyong Liu

A Correction Technique for False Topographic Perception of Remote-Sensing Images Based on an Inverse Topographic Correction Technique, Donghai Zhang, Wenquan Zhu, Xiang Chen, Zhoutao Zheng, Xiafei Zhou, and Tao Jiang

Submissions from 2015


Unveiling Perceptions of Food Safety Scandals in China: An Exploratory Study With Search Engine, Xiang Chen, Bo Zhao, and Emily Blackard

Logistical Routing of Park Tours With Waiting Times: Case of Beijing Zoo, Haiying Xu, Qiang Li, Xiang Chen, Jin Chen, Jingting Guo, and Yu Wang

Books from 2014

Disasters, Development and Resilience: Exploring the Need for Comprehensive Vulnerability Management, Rejina Manandhar and David A. McEntire