This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship and creative works from the Department of History and Political Science at Arkansas Tech University.

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Books from 2021

A Weary Land: Slavery on the Ground in Arkansas, Kelly Houston Jones

The United States and Venezuela during the First World War: Cordial Relations of Suspicious Cooperation, H. Micheal Tarver

Submissions from 2020


Journal of Big History, David R. Blanks


Journal of Big History, David R. Blanks and Nicoló Antonietti

Daily Life of Women: An Encyclopedia from Ancient Times to the Present, Colleen Boyette, H. Micheal Tarver, and Mildred Diane Gleason

Student Perceptions of Semester-Long In-Class Virtual Reality: Effectively Using “Google Earth VR” in a Higher Education Classroom, Patrick D. Hagge

Patrons in Revolutionary Europe, Ellen J. Jenkins

Visual Artists in Revolutionary Europe, Ellen J. Jenkins

War Production in The World War Years, Ellen J. Jenkins

Writers in Revolutionary Europe, Ellen J. Jenkins

Concubines in Colonial British and French North America, Gregory Michna

Girls in Colonial British and French North America, Gregory Michna

Mystics in Colonial British and French North America, Gregory Michna

The Long Road to Sainthood: Indian Christians, the Doctrine of Preparation, and the Halfway Covenant of 1662, Gregory Michna

The Story of Corn and Medicine, Gregory Michna

Warriors in Colonial British and French North America, Gregory Michna

White Hat: The Military Career of Captain William Philo Clark (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

Activists in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Court Musicians in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Dadeumi, Joseph B. N. Swain

First Female Chauffeurs in Japan, Joseph B. N. Swain

Introduction to Women in Australia and New Zealand since 1800, Joseph B. N. Swain

Keepers of Household Altars in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Lady Xuanwen, Joseph B. N. Swain

Mystics in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Rural Poverty in Latin America since 1825, Joseph B. N. Swain

Shamans in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Supplementing Agricultural Production in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Teenage Servants in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Tomb of Zheng, Joseph B. N. Swain

Warriors in East Asia since 1868, Joseph B. N. Swain

Widows in Industrial Era Europe, Joseph B. N. Swain

Witches in Colonial Latin America, Joseph B. N. Swain

Ama and Haenyo, Joseph B. N. Swain and Michelle Cave

The Media and Sino-American Rapprochement, 1963-1972: A Comparative Study, Guolin Yi

Books from 2019

Big History and Critical Theory, David R. Blanks


The Sense of Distance and the Perception of the Other, David R. Blanks


Slave Resistance, Kelly Houston Jones

American Indian Slavery in Colonial New England, Gregory Michna

Colonialism, Community, and Heritage in Native New England by Siobhan M. Hart (Review), Gregory Michna

Harvard Indian College, Gregory Michna

Josselyn, John. Voyages to New England and Observations on Native Americans, Gregory Michna

Mather, Increase, Brief History of King Philip's War, Gregory Michna

Mayhew, Thomas Jr. (1621-ca. 1657), Gregory Michna

Reviews: Darkness Falls on the Land of Light: Experiencing Religious Awakenings in Eighteenth-Century New England, Gregory Michna

Tribal Governance among the Algonquian Peoples of North America, Gregory Michna

John dewey’s rival versions of virtue, Jeff Mitchell

Review of Hochschild’s Strangers in Their Own Land and Cramer’s Politics of Resentment, Michael T. Rogers

Track: Teaching Political Theory and Theories., Micheal T. Rogers, Robert Glover, and Melinda Kovács

Submissions from 2018


Jeremy Lent. The Patterning Instinct, David R. Blanks

Arrested Development: Historical Impacts and Influences of the State Boundary of Arkansas, Patrick D. Hagge

From Mule to John Deere: Elements of Rural Change in the Mississippi Delta, 1930-1970, Patrick D. Hagge

Bondswomen on Arkansas's Cotton Frontier: Migration, Labor, Family, and Resistance among an Exploited Class, Kelly Houston Jones

White Fear of Black Rebellion, 1819-1866, Kelly Houston Jones


Anna Maria Forssberg, The Story of War: Church and Propaganda in France and Sweden 1610-1710 (Book Review), Gregory Michna


Drew Lopenzina, Through an Indian’s Looking-Glass: A Cultural Biography of William Apess, Pequot. (Book Review), Gregory Michna


Illustrating the Lives of Fort Mackinac's British and American Soldiers (Book Review of The Soldiers of Fort Mackinac: An Illustrated History by Phil Porter), Gregory Michna

The Church, Authority, and Foucault: Imagining the Church as an Open Space of Freedom. (Book Review), Gregory Michna

Soldiers in the Southwest Borderlands, 1848-1886 (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

Theater of a Separate War: The Civil War West of the Mississippi River, 1861–1865 (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

Ingenious Citizenship: Recrafting Democracy for Social Change (Book Review), Micheal T. Rogers


H-Diplo Article Review 743 on “New Perspectives on Cold War History from China.”, Guolin Yi

Submissions from 2017


Edward O. Wilson. The Meaning of Human Existence, David R. Blanks

Scientific History and the Muslim Worldview, David R. Blanks


African-American Women and the Vote in Arkansas, Kelly Houston Jones

Doubtless Guilty: Lynching and Slaves in Antebellum Arkansas, Kelly Houston Jones


'A Prey to Their Teeth': Puritan Sermons and Ministerial Writings on Indians during King Philip's War, Gregory Michna

Protestant Missionaries, Gregory Michna

Custer’s Trials: A Life on the Frontier of a New America (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson


The History of Civic Education in Political Science: The Story of a Discipline's Failure to Lead, Micheal T. Rogers

The Identity Dilemma: Social Movements and Collective Identity (Book Review), Micheal T. Rogers

Submissions from 2016


Barry Rodrigue, Leonid Grinin, Andrew Korotayev, eds. Our Place in the Universe: An Introduction to Big History, David R. Blanks

Cosmic Evolution in the Cradle of Civilization, David R. Blanks

Europeans Before Europe: Modernity and the Myth of the Other, David R. Blanks

Chattels, Pioneers, and Pilgrims for Freedom: Arkansas's Bonded Travelers, Kelly Houston Jones

Women after the War, Kelly Houston Jones

Empire by Collaboration: Indians, Colonists, and Governments in Colonial Illinois Country (Book Review), Gregory Michna

Exploring the Foundations of US State-Level Anti-Sharia Initiatives, Joshua L. Mitchell and Brendan Toner

Against the Grain: Colonel Henry M. Lazelle and the U.S. Army (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

Land Pirates on the Santa Fe Trail: Captain Philip St. George Cooke’s Encounter with Texas Privateers on the Santa Fe Trail in 1843, Jeffrey V. Pearson

The Civil War and Reconstruction in Indian Territory (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

The Inner Workings of Democracy (Book Review), Micheal T. Rogers

The Spanish Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia, H. Micheal Tarver and Emily Slape

Books from 2015

Dude, Where's the Civic Engagement? The Paradoxical Effect of Civil Education on the Probability of Civic Participation, Donald M. Gooch and Micheal T. Rogers

Bondswomen's Work on the Cotton Frontier: Wagram Plantation, Arkansas, Kelly Houston Jones


Robert E. Cray. Lovewell's Fight: War, Death, and Memory in Borderland New England. (Book Review), Gregory Michna

Book Review: Chiefdoms, Collapse, and Coalescence in the Early American South; Tears of Repentance: Christian Indian Identity and Community in Colonial Southern New England, Gregory Michna and Tyler Boulware

Shooting Arrows and Slinging Mud: Custer, the Press, and the Little Bighorn (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

A Meta-History of Formal Civic Education: An Episodic History to be Repeated?, Micheal T. Rogers

Introduction: A Tocqueville Inspired Assessment of America's Twenty-First Century Civic Ecology, Micheal T. Rogers

Review of Challenges to Democratic Participation: Antipolitics, Deliberative Democracy, and Pluralism, Micheal T. Rogers

Civic Education in the Twenty-first Century: A Multidimensional Inquiry, Micheal T. Rogers and Donald M. Gooch

The New York Times and Washington Post on Sino–American Rapprochement, 1963–1972, Guolin Yi

Submissions from 2014


Rocket Science: Big History and Cosmic Evolution: A Review of Some Recent Papers by Eric Chaisson, David R. Blanks


Towards A Theory of Big History, David R. Blanks

Black and White on Slavery's Frontier, Kelly Houston Jones

A Cautious Enthusiasm: Mystical Piety and Evangelicalism in Colonial South Carolina (Book Review), Gregory Michna

Geronimo (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson

Submissions from 2013

From Chicaza to Chickasaw: The European Invasion and the Transformation of the Mississippian World (Book Review), Gregory Michna

Deliverance from the Little Big Horn: Doctor Henry Porter and Custer's Seventh Cavalry (Book Review), Jeffrey V. Pearson