This is the home of a collection of faculty scholarship and creative works from the Tourism faculty in the Department of Agriculture & Tourism at Arkansas Tech University.

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Submissions from 2023

Consideration to Improve College Student Involvement and Retention, Michael J. Bradley, Makenzie Brian, Jon McChesney, and Susan West

Day Hiker Perceptions on Economic Development Around the Custer Gallatin National Forest, Michael J. Bradley, James N. Maples, C. Clemens, and A. Brown

Annual Economic Impact of Climbers Visiting Newton County, Arkansas, Michael J. Bradley and J. N. Maples

Waterparks’ Economic Impact on Rural Kentucky Communities, Michael J. Bradley, Stephen Sims, and James N. Maples

The Potential and Viability of Avitourism in Rrural Kentucky, Zack Lemmon and Michael Bradley

Where Did You Learn That? Exploring How Sources of Knowledge Shape Leave No Trace knowledge in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge Rock Climbing Community, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, and Ryan L. Sharp

Economic Impact of Select Rock Climbing Destinations in Tennessee, J. Maples, W. Taylor, A. Bailey, and Michael J. Bradley


Special Populations Administration: Organizational Benefits of Clear Employee Expectations, Ramona Sudbeck, Jody Baker, and Michael J. Bradley

Identifying the Effects of Covid-19 on Visitor Place Attachment of State Parks in Arkansas, Glendon VanSandt, Michael Bradley, Kevin Fink, and James N. Maples

Submissions from 2022

Economic Impact of the 2022 24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell, Michael Bradley and James N. Maples

Outcomes of Incorporating a Service-learning Course Trip into a Park Management Course: An Exploratory Examination of Student Perceived Personal and Professional Development, Michael Bradley, Callie McMullin, Brian Clark, Curtis Clemens, and James N. Maples

What is Professional Dress Code in Recreation?, Matthew Cook, Michael Bradley, and Sherry Jones


Factors Influencing Customer Decisions to Use Online Food Delivery Service During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Kyungyul Jun, Borham Yoon, Seung Suk Lee, and Dong Soo Lee


Place Attachment: A Classroom Project, D Leiss, Kevin Fink, T Tapps, and Michael Bradley

Leave No Person Behind: Exploring How Demographic Categories Shape LNT Principles Among Climbers in West Virginia's New River Gorge, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, Brian Clark, Sadie Giles, and Rhiannon Leebrick

Submissions from 2021

Portable Technology Use and Perceptions of its Use Among Ultramarathon Runners, C. Crawford, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, and P. Holladay


The Economic Impact of Paradise Cove Aquatic Center in Richmond, Kentucky, Laruen Kilburn, Michael J. Bradley, and James N. Maples

An Exploratory Study to Understand Visitor Perceptions of White Nose Syndrome and Bat Colony Management at Carter Caves in Northeast Kentucky, Aaron Lipe, Michael J. Bradley, Kelly Watson, and Julia Portmann


To Fee or Not to Fee? Satisfaction, Service Quality, and Support of an Entrance Fee of a State Park System, Hund-Ling Stella Liu, I-Chun Nicky Wu, and Michael J. Bradley


Outdoor Recreation and Rural Transitions in Central Appalachia: Revisiting the Economic Impact of Rock Climbing in Kentucky’s Red River Gorge, James N. Maples and Michael J. Bradley


Economic Impact of Rock Climbing in Bishop, California, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, Mary Boujaoude, Mora N. Rehm, and Tim Golden

Visitor Expenditure Patterns in Trail Towns on Kentucky’s Sheltowee Trace, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, Jason Ray, Alexandra Miller, and Anna Brown


Demographic Differences in Hiker Cellular Technology Use in Backcountry Areas in Montana’s Custer Gallatin National Forest, Alexandra Miller, James N. Maples, and Michael J. Bradley

Submissions from 2020

Economic Impact of Paddling on the Kentucky River near Fort Boonesborough State Park, James N. Maples, Michael J. Bradley, and Natasha Hacker

Who Has the Right-of-way? Negotiating Environmental and Economic Impacts of Off-highway Vehicle Use in Eastern Kentucky, Ryan Sharp, Michael Bradley, and James N. Maples

Submissions from 2018

Comparison of passive and active leisure activities and life satisfaction with aging, Dongwook Cho, Jay Post, and Sung Kyeom Kim

Submissions from 2017

The Effects of Leadership Empowerment on Job Satisfaction in University Dining Services, Seung Suk Lee, Yeon-Soon Kim, and Dong Soo Lee

Submissions from 2015

Exploring Internal Marketing Mix and Its Applications in the Foodservice Industry, Hyun-Woo Joung, Eun-Kyong Cindy Choe, Dong Soo Lee, and Hak-Seon Kim

Submissions from 2014

Evaluation of the On-Campus Dining Services Using Importance-Performance Analysis, Hyun Woo Joung, Dong Soo Lee, Hak Seon Kim, and Lynn Huffman

Submissions from 2013

College Students’ Healthy Eating Behavior: The Effects of Nutrition Information and the Moderating Role of Gender, H.-W. Joung and Dong Soo Lee

Submissions from 2012

Perceptions of Quality, Satisfaction, Loyalty, and Approximate Spending at an American Wine Festival, Kelly W. Hubbard, Keith H. Mandabach, Siriporn McDowall, and Dawn M. VanLeeuwen

Assessing the Quality of A Restaurant's Website Using DINEWEBQUAL, Hak-Seon Kim, Kwang-Woo Lee, Dong Soo Lee, Hyun-Woo Joung, and Jingxue Jessica Yuan

Submissions from 2011

The Festival in My Hometown: The Relationships Among Performance Quality, Satisfaction, and Behavioral Intentions, Siriporn McDowall

The Psychological Effects of a Leisure Education Program on Caregivers of Aging Adults, Cathi M. McMahan and F. Brad Wardlaw

Submissions from 2010

Research Activity at the Annual Graduate Student Research Conference in Hospitality & Tourism, Hak-Seon Kim, Dong Soo Lee, Eun-Kyong Choi, and Lynn Huffman

The Determinants of Factors in FIT Guests' Perception of Hotel Location, Kwang-Woo Lee, Hong-bumm Kim, Hak-Seon Kim, and Dong Soo Lee

A comparison between Thai residents and non-residents in their motivations, performance evaluations, and overall satisfaction with a domestic festival, Siriporn McDowall

International tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty: Bangkok, Thailand, Siriporn McDowall

A comparative analysis of thailand residents' perception of tourism's impacts, Siriporn McDowall and Youngsoo Choi

Thailand's destination image through the eyes of its citizens, Siriporn McDowall and Youngsoo Choi

An analysis of tourists' evaluation of Bangkok's performance, their satisfaction, and destination loyalty: Comparing International versus domestic thai tourists, Siriporn McDowall and Emily Ma

Submissions from 2009

An analysis of international tourism development in Thailand: 1994-2007, Siriporn McDowall and Youcheng Wang

Submissions from 2007

A comparison of students’ attitudes toward two teaching methods: Traditional versus distance learning, Siriporn McDowall and Li Chun Lin

Submissions from 2004

Hospitality Programs in Korean GraduateSchools: Why Students Select Certain Programs and Competencies in the Curriculum, Dong Soo Lee, Sukbin Cha, and Jeongman Kim

Submissions from 2002

A Comparison of Views on the Curricula Issues of Special Tourism Programs in Graduate School Among Students, Academy, and Industry, Sukbin Cha and Dong Soo Lee